Best Self Defence

Best Self Defence - NJ

It is no brainer that we need a program to train the women of today to face the challenges of tomorrow. We need to empower women to a life of dignity & self-respect through self-defence. What makes this program really unique is the study and use of pressure points (weak links) in the human anatomy. We teach techniques specifically designed, to target the easy to reach pressure points and produce devastating results. If used, relatively limited or no strength is needed to use these techniques, making them quite ideal for personal defence children, women and the elderly.

Martial Arts is one of the most powerful tools in creating a positive change. Through the self-defence training, you’ll not only condition your body, but your mind as well. Join one of the fastest growing workouts in NJ that will offer you not just the physical but also the mental strength! With Tang Soo Karate & Iron Hand Boxing & Fitness, you will get the ultimate workout combined with the ultimate in self-defence. Work out with a purpose! Training in the self-defence is anything but boring. It’s a high energy, fat burning, stress reducing, and supercharged workout! You will be in much better shape after just a few weeks of our course! Your confidence will sky rocket! Our self-defence training environment is friendly and motivating so that you can learn at your own pace. Our self-defence programs are very beginner friendly, so don’t worry about having any experience or being in decent shape. It is our primary job to get you to reach these goals.