About Us

Tang Soo Karate & Iron Hand Boxing & Fitness is based in NJ. Since our inception in 1974, we specialize in Tang Soo Do Karate. A perfect naturally rounded karate style that works in great harmony with your body. We are one of the most preferred martial arts training, self-defence schools and fitness clubs in NJ.

Our Grand Master Dominick A. Giacobbe, the holder of a 9th Dan Black Belt in the 2,000-year-old art of Tang Soo Do, Korean Karate. He began his studies of Tang Soo Do in 1968 under the Grand Master J C Shin, who is quite well known for teaching Karate movie star Chuck Norris. Grandmaster Giacobbe was awarded his 9th Dan directly from Korea where he tested in November 2012. His skills in developing mind power through the meditation and special breathing exercises have set him apart from all other Martial Artist. His seminars include the traditional teachings of Tang Soo Do Karate, philosophy, power meditation, Taoist meditation, Chi Breathing exercises, and the Ti Ji Nae Bu military Yoga for healing. Grandmaster Giacobbe personally teaches all students at the Ironhand CrossFit Karate and Boxing Academy, New Jersey. At Tang Soo Karate & Iron Hand Boxing & Fitness we offer a wide range of services such as Karate Schools, Martial Arts Training, Crossfit Boxing, Yoga Tai Chi, Quads Fitness Class, Personal Training, Health Club, Gym Exercises, Fitness Classes, Best Self Defence and much more.

We will teach you the defence techniques to be able to defend yourself and to keep your body in tip-top shape. Also, Tang Soo Do Karate is an excellent way to relieve stress after a hard day's work. Get self-confidence and join us today.