Karate Schools - New Jersey

Karate Schools

Unlike what many usually think, Karate was born in the Ryukyu Kingdom, the modern-day island of Okinawa in Japan. It was brought to Japan in the early 20th century; it has become the most famous martial art, sport, and supreme self-defence system in the globe today.

Crossfit Boxing - New Jersey

Crossfit Boxing

Tang Soo Karate & Iron Hand Boxing & Fitness is an elite CrossFit, Boxing, and Personal Training brand in NJ. Why are Tang Soo Karate & Iron Hand Boxing & FitnessÂ’ CrossFit and Boxing elite? We have elite coaches with extensive backgrounds in their field.

Yoga Tai Chi - New Jersey

Yoga Tai Chi

Unlike a traditional workout, the Tai Chi Yoga focuses on precise movements that allow your body to transition from one position to the next very slowly. Both practices attempt to harmonize the muscles, bones, heart and mind with the positive energy that surrounds your body. Although both have similar goals, a comparison of the benefits of tai chi and yoga reveals interesting facts.

Quads Fitness Class - New Jersey

Quads Fitness Class

When it comes to the lower body which is about your quads, it can be argued that most people need more glute-ham action than quads work. At Tang Soo Karate & Iron Hand Boxing & Fitness, we focus on the good quality. Our fitness experts call this a knee dominance, characterized by a lack of better muscular development when you consider a profile view and a tendency for your knees to drive extremely forward when squatting, lunging, or to jump.

Personal Training - New Jersey

Personal Training

People desire workouts that are compelling and efficient. However, the best ones are those which are custom-made. With my expertise and years of deep experience in personal fitness training, we provide quality personal training for all in NJ. Every aspect of the personal training program is specially made to suit your health as well as capacity.

Health Club - New Jersey

Health Club

At Tang Soo Karate & Iron Hand Boxing & Fitness, we would like to introduce ourselves as one of the most professional and dedicated health clubs and fitness facility in NJ, established since 1974 making the lives of thousands of people quite healthier and happier through our deep commitment towards fitness in all these years.

Fitness Classes - New Jersey

Fitness Classes

Cross Training is the most efficient fitness regimen. It is a strength and conditioning fitness program that is nowadays taking the world of fitness by storm. Designed to be quite inclusive and comprehensive, this program is scalable based on your fitness needs.

Best Self Defence - NJ

Best Self Defence

It is no brainer that we need a program to train the women of today to face the challenges of tomorrow. We need to empower women to a life of dignity & self-respect through self-defence. What makes this program really unique is the study and use of pressure points (weak links) in the human anatomy.

Boxing Training - NJ

Boxing Training

Tang Soo Karate & Iron Hand Boxing & Fitness is the number one boxing training provider in the NJ. Tang Soo Karate & Iron Hand Boxing & Fitness has been a staple in the New Jersey community since it opened in 1974. Home to the boxers of all ages and skill levels, Tang Soo Karate & Iron Hand Boxing & Fitness, provides the perfect environment for all the athletes to get in great shape while learning the sport of the boxing.