Yoga Tai Chi

Yoga Tai Chi - New Jersey

Unlike a traditional workout, the Tai Chi Yoga focuses on precise movements that allow your body to transition from one position to the next very slowly. Both practices attempt to harmonize the muscles, bones, heart and mind with the positive energy that surrounds your body. Although both have similar goals, a comparison of the benefits of tai chi and yoga reveals interesting facts.

Tang Soo Karate & Iron Hand Boxing & Fitness believes that Tai Chi Yoga can prove greatly beneficial to the people who wish to have a physical as well as spiritual fitness. Our Tai Chi classes for seniors are preferred by the majority of seniors in NJ for the sheer health benefits and mindfulness. All you need is tai chi shoes, tai chi clothing, tai chi uniform, and you are good to go.

Our Tai Chi Yoga session centers on relaxed movements. The postures are constantly evolving, and there are no pauses as the body moves from one position to the next. The Tai Chi Yoga use controlled breathing and meditation to enhance the practice.

Tai Chi Yoga is a meditative art in true sense. It is formed by blending the core elements of Tai Chi Chuan and the Hatha Yoga together. The blending of the tai chi and yoga into a single art form produces more profound benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. The three major aspects of tai chi are health, meditation, and martial arts. We at Tang Soo Karate & Iron Hand Boxing & Fitness, focus on these three aspects and offer the superior quality health and spiritual experience.